i-GarD instantly detected this intruders entry point and has tracked his every move since.

i-gard has scrambled our human and canine response team who, even as you read this, are silently but purposefully bearing down on the site. Moments after their arrival the intruder will be aware he’s not alone but by then the highly trained security dog will be obediently obliging him to obey the officers instructions, to remain where he is until the arrival of law enforcement authorities.

Now the above may not be an actual event but it is what any user of i-gard can trust to happen and what’s more, at a fraction of the cost of full-time manned site guarding.

i-gard’s wireless detector sensors and cameras can protect any site compound, building or outlying area. The system is monitored 24/7,  365 days a year.  As well as our alarm response teams, i-gard can co-ordinate with security patrols and even validate their attendance.

i-gard is a technologically advanced system that integrates seamlessly and silently with good old physical security.

i-gard offers a more comprehensive security solution more cost-effectively.

i-garddoing more, for less; technology, team and very sharp teeth!!

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