Dogs and Handlers


Our professionally trained licensed handlers, together with our trained security dogs, make an unbeatable combination to protect your assets and interests. There are many benefits a skilled team can bring to a strategic security operation, such as:

  • The dog can use its heightened senses to scent, see or hear intruders or hidden persons
  • Displaying controlled aggression and standing its ground, the dog can protect both security personnel and premises at the same time
  • The threat of the animal enables suspects to be detained until arrival of law enforcement

This offers an excellent deterrent to make your would-be attackers ’shop’ elsewhere!

Our training standards are based on ‘best practice standards of UK Police canine training.

A dog team are particularly effective in:

  1. Areas that are large and open
  2. Areas with restricted views
  3. Areas of high danger
  4. Protecting persons from threat
  5. Protecting property from threat
  6. Detection of drugs, arms and explosives

“A Police dog is worth 10 officers” Source: North Yorkshire Police

For an immediate response to your needs telephone: 0870 4789286

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