Senior Security Consultant

I currently have sole responsibility for all Security issues for International K9 Consulting Ltd, liaising with our team of expert consultants, and advisor to the Managing Director.

I have recently completed a short term contract to undertake a threat analysis and risk resolution to implement effective counter measures for a major united kingdom based logistics firm.  I had the responsibility for protecting the organisations assets, interests and above all protect the organisations brand and reputation presently and into the future.  This organisation had already suffered a highly professional robbery to the value of £100.000 in 2007. Prior to this I led a team of highly specialised Security consultants, teaching internationally on subjects such as anti and counter terrorism training within governmental, private and corporate structures.  I also led the team to the United States teaching the Jefferson county sheriff’s department special weapons and tactics group in counter terrorist roles including lectures to students at the Texas centre of Homeland Security.  Evidence of this can be seen in references from the Director of Homeland Security Texas.

In April 2007 I was part of a consultancy group which undertook the first threat assessment and risk resolution for the British Olympic Village.  We were employed to provide a security assessment of the threat for Morrison Construction in preparation for hosting the 2012 Olympics.  Our assessment was submitted to New Scotland Yard via Morrison Construction.

Operation Harmony

August 24th – September 5th 2006.  During operation harmony my job was to budget, organise logistics, liase with the police, government bodies and provide 24 highly trained dog units and specialised security personnel. The dog units included explosive recognition, patrol and tracker dogs.  Operation harmony was a national security operation and was conducted from 24th August to 5th September 2006 in the north of England.My mandate was to organise a protection mission to counter an organised effort to disrupt, destroy and ultimately force the closure of a British energy power station in Great Britain and embarrass the British government.The operation was a total success as our team provided according to the North Yorkshire Police 14 separate documented infiltrations and produced 6 successful arrests by North Yorkshire Police.  The operation was re-introduced in 2007 at Eggborough Power Station on a smaller scale due to intelligence received where I was part of the Management team.  This was known as operation Hansard.

  • Accepted as a Junior Leader in the Military Service at the age of 15
  • Was top Salesman in white goods (out of 420 stores) for the number one Company in the UK
  • Was top Salesman for selling OB Insurance out of 26 salesman
  • Debt collections for National Company responsible for the whole of Yorkshire and Lancashire
  • Dog Handler Wydawake, ex Police Dog Handler
  • R.A.F. Telegraphist
  • Part time Security Guarding
  • Ran a carpet cleaning operation
  • Close Protection Officer in the UK and Africa
  • Martial Arts Instructor Karate and C.Q.B.
  • Trained American Military at their base in the UK at the age of 24
  • Back into Security 1984 to present day
  • Have built up weekly contractual hours of up to 17,000 per week, being responsible for sales, operations, recruiting and training
  • Concentrated on courses that was funded by the government to teach C.Q.B. was responsible for signing up 300 candidates in a 3 month period
  • Represented our Karate club in a 3 man team where we were runners up at The All England Karate Championship held by The International Budo Association.
  • Marksmanship badge using a Lee Enfield 303 Rifle
  • Won competion in Liverpool out of 15 participants using a 45 hand gun
  • Trained with Mercenaries from both the British Army and South Africans
  • Was an Elder and a House Group Leader at an AOG Church which I attended for 10 years.  Was responsible for teaching, overseeing, helping with people’s needs or problem

Stephen Bailey.

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