Bomb Dogs! Bomb Dogs! Bomb Dogs!….

Is all I have heard for the past 2 years - “it’s the way to go” -“this country will need them”  well that’s all well and good but what about the cost?  You can’t  just put a man and a dog out there and say it’s a explo dog and handler, can you? And the responsibility? If things go wrong I could go to prison, but worse than that I would be responsible for other people’s lives, wouldn’t I?
It has taken me 2 years to consider going ahead with the training up of handlers to be explo search teams. 2 long years of  research, looking at trainers, and also choosing the right people to do the job.  They have to have something more than a love of dogs, they have to have the stamina for the training because it is so intense, the ability to switch off from everything but the job in hand but most of all they have to want to do it.


If this country are to use private Search Explosive Detection teams, then the public and industry should not accept poor standards.  It is the responsibility of  the Security company and their clients to thoroughly check the veracity of the training.
We have 5 people from IK9 from various backgrounds, Military, Prison Service, Joiners and a Butcher ages from 25 to 50+ on an 8 week course (they are now on their 6th week) the standard we have set is very high the standard is the same as the UK Police Force they are being put through the same course as the Police and will take the same test.



 is no longer something anyone has to try to convince me to do, we as a Company are doing it and we do it with pride knowing one day we may be able to help our Country and we do it with the knowledge that all our men have received the highest standard of training.


Our clients can have the assurance that our staff are among the very best in the world.

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